17. Slider: Home Slider Settins

It is very easy to create the Sliders on the Home page, let’s look at three steps how to configure and create the Slider.

home slider

Step 1.

Firstly, you ave to go to Apperance ­> Customize ­> Home sliders Setting where you can ckeck the appearance that it has in the next image:
wp-admin-home slider

Step 2.

Following the image order, we chose whether we want to show or nor the slider at home page, if you want it in Box format and if finally you want to show ii for mobile devices

  • Show Slider
  • Boxed Slider
  • Hide Slider in mobile

After it you have Slider Transition, which I list below

  • Slider effect
  • Fade Effect
  • Cube Effect
  • Coverflow Effect

The rest of availabe options, as autoplay, shown autor, categories, date and size of the title source

  • Autoplay Slider
  • Show Author
  • Show Categories
  • Show Date
  • Title Slider Font Size

As far we have indicated how visitors will see the slider in the web, now we need to indicate the information to show, which will be the third step

Step 3

Finally we indicate the infomation that the slider will show, we will see the Post Sliders

  • Your latest posts: last published post
  • Select Category: select a categoty, the post of this category will be shown in the sider
  • Select Posts: you can choose the post you want of all written
  • Number posts: number of posts if you select Latest posts or Category